22 small steps to be more sustainable in 2022.

22 small steps to be more sustainable in 2022.

We believe that big change starts small. It’s just taking small steps towards looking after Mother Earth to make this planet a better place for us and generations to come.
Sustainable habits, we all need them, but which ones we choose depends on our lifestyle and interests. 

If our day-to-day actions are more eco-friendly we not only help the environment, but we can benefit financially, physically and mentally as well. You may already be doing a few of these things, or perhaps all of it, but hopefully, you’ll pick up some opportunities to do your part to help mother nature. 
    1. Cut down on processed foods.

    2. Eat with the seasons and enjoy the bounty of your region.

    3. Don’t eat foods or drink from BPA-lined containers. Get a reusable water bottle.

    4. Open blinds to let in natural light.

    5. Get energy-efficient appliances and electronics.

    6. Use leftover bathwater or “greywater” to water plants.

    7. Invest in a clothesline.

    8. Leave your car at home. Walk or ride your bike.

    9. Use recyclable paper for gifts.

    10. Ditch the single-use foil, paper, and towels. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.

    11. Avoid single-use plastic. Say no to plastic cutlery when ordering takeout.

    12. Switch to sustainable textiles. Opt for organic cotton, linen, bamboo, and hemp materials.

    13. Spend in Local Shops.

    14. Compost your waste.

    15. Upcycle. Reuse waste materials.

    16. Protect wildlife.

    17. Calculate and set daily goals to reduce your ecological footprint.

    18. Connect local to global issues.

    19. Volunteer with environmental organisations.

    20. Support someone in your community with your extra resources.

    21. Support companies that have ethical practices.

    22. Buy sustainable eco-friendly brands.

    Try to keep this in mind as you go about your day-to-day activities and educate others about the importance of living an environmentally friendly life. The more people share an awareness of the importance of the environment, the more we can do together to conserve it.
    Land & Sand Essentials, by reusing 50 plastic bottles for every Beach Umbrella, we hope to make big change accessible to everybody and show the lasting impact that one small choice can have. In March 2022 we are very proud to announce that we have reused 151,100 plastic bottles together. Thank you for making it happen.


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