Our guide to a conscious beach trip in style

Our guide to a conscious beach trip in style

Some of the best memories are made barefoot in the sand. Summers almost here and if you’re anything like our tribe, you’ll find us down the beach every weekend. It’s super important to us to make sure we are conscious with what we take and how to keep a low footprint on our beach trips. So here, we share with you, our favourite ways to have the best beach trip with minimal impact to our environment.

  1. Grab your gang - friends and family and carpool or ride your bikes. If you are close enough then riding is a great way to not have to use the car, get some exercise and fresh air and help our planet – what a WIN.
  1. Take your Land and Sand Essentials conscious beach umbrella that is made of around 50 recycled plastic bottles. Not only does your umbrella look amazing in photos you are also helping our oceans.
  1. Sandy bums are great but if you want absolute luxe comfort and style, our rattan Sol Loungers are a must. They have adjustable recliner levels, a shoulder strap for conveniently carrying onto the beach and are super lightweight.
  1. Healthy snacks packed into eco bento containers — shout out to Seed & Sprout and say ‘See ya to Plastic’. This brand has amazing options when it comes to eco lunchboxes and are perfect for packing all of your favourite healthy treats to take to the beach without bringing any packaging. 
  1. Eco sunscreen – with research showing that the oxybenzone found in most conventional sunscreens is affecting our coral reefs and contributing to coral bleaching, how can we be putting this stuff on ourselves and our children. Make sure you are using a natural eco sunscreen to help our oceans and protect your skin in the right way. We love Wotnot sunscreen that is reef friendly and skin friendly. 

So, there you have it, our top necessities for a conscious trip to the beach. The more we can protect our oceans and the environment the better.

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