Care Instructions


Cared for correctly, your new Beach Umbrella should last many, many long summers! Here are a few general guidelines and housekeeping rules for when it comes to getting the most out of your new summer companion:

  • Take care when opening and closing your Beach Umbrella and do so gently.
  • Make sure your Beach Umbrella is anchored nice and snug (see Instructions page).
  • Ensure you always collapse the Beach Umbrella if leaving unattended to prevent it from blowing away, getting damaged or disturbing others.
  • Although your Beach Umbrella is fade resistant, it is made to age gracefully and may slowly fade over many well-spent summers. Sand, salt and dirt should be avoided and cleaned appropriately after use.
  • Your Beach Umbrella should never be stored while wet. Please ensure the fabric is dry before storing for extended periods of time and any signs of mould or mildew should be cleaned appropriately as soon as possible.